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As a central element of the marketing mix, promotional items are regularly used to raise awareness of a company and its products or services. Brand image itself extends well beyond these, which is why many businesses also use promotional items for branding.

Recent research* conducted in November 2006 has proven the value of promotional items in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Commissioned and published by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) in the US, the study shows that promotional items are an effective advertising medium and create a more positive outlook towards an advert and the brand. By questioning the most critical demographic group – people aged 18-34 – the survey found that using a promotional item as the only advertising medium increased brand interest in 69% of cases and created a favourable impression of a brand in 84% of cases.

This age group is often the hardest for advertisers to reach, yet highly desirable. By demonstrating that promotional items have a positive impact on brand perception amongst this demographic sector, other age groups are likely to be similarly influenced.

However, it is imperative to consider what image a brand currently has in the marketplace and to ensure that the promotional items selected are in keeping with this.
A serious brand image will be best portrayed through the use of premium products, such as leather conference folders.

Regardless of the unit cost, any promotional items should be well made and well designed. Poor quality products will reflect badly on a company and risk devaluing the brand.

advertising promotional products

If you work in the marketing department of any company, then you will already know that finding a successful business strategy that can move your company forward and increase sales is extremely difficult. You need to put your thinking hat on and dig deep into those creative channels to come up with something that is original and innovative in order to get your target audience’s attention.

If you have the funds available, than TV advertising and high profile magazines can work miracles, however this channel of advertising isn’t open to everyone as costs can be high. In these cases you should consider promotional products as a way to improve business and attract more customers.

Giving away promotional products is a very successful mode of advertising and is known by the industry to work. Put yourself on the receiving end, you are given a stylish, fun or practical gift, for free. No obligations, no strings attached, and did we mention, it’s free! You are aware of the logo printed on the item and it becomes familiar to you.

Facilitating cheap promotional items in combination with imagination is a way to get your business on top. Custom branded products offer a first-rate marketing prospect and, by only giving items to the audience you want to target, it is also very cost effective. Promotional products can deliver your brand message time after time and beats other forms of advertising and marketing hands down.

When searching for promotional products distributors don’t be afraid to ask questions. You should be considering what types of companies they have had experience with, how knowledgeable they are about their promotional merchandise and their willingness to help you to select the right products to support your brand objective.

Trade shows are the best place to give away your branded products and the chance to get your business name seen and recognized. Hundreds of businesses, products, consumers and media attend these events and you don’t want to miss your chance of making contacts, finding out about other products available on the market similar to yours, and getting people’s attention.

A trade show is buzzing with new products and thousands of people excited by the atmosphere and the bargains they are going to pick up. All the latest designs and products are showcased at an exhibition and you will be amongst the first to see them.

Give away promotional items to everyone who stops at your stand, or catch them at the door and use the promotion to entice them in. Send out a roaming team, this is simply a few people walking around the exhibition with free promotional items and distributing them. Try to ensure your booth is well-placed in a strong strategic position, such as an entranceway or front of the aisle as you want it to be seen by as many people as possible.

A company that spends a small amount on advertising is a company that will not survive. You have to market your products in order to succeed, and this calls for a decent amount of funds to cover your needs. Promotional products cost money, consequently you require a plan as to what product you want to give away and what you want printed onto it. An item of low quality or poor printing techniques will not be wanted by anyone and your promotion will be a failure.

promotional items

Look for creative and innovative branded products and solutions to assist in your business goals. Promotion product distributors can provide their clients with a wide range of services whether it is a simple cheap promotional item or for exclusive clientele. Just look online and contact a few for advice and information.

Many, if not all marketing organization struggle with one major question that experts have debated for years – how do you measure return on investment (ROI) on promotional products and Merchandising Programs?

It’s not what you want to hear, but to be truthful, there is no silver bullet that can exactly pin point or clearly illustrate how customizable products lead to Sales -directly- but brand experts around the world it will only help your brand if done right.

Here is a break down a few important factors to consider as a manager if you are considering Promotional Products and ROI:

Promotional Products are about long term brand building

A brand can most clearly be defined as “What customers say about you when you’re not there”. You don’t build a brand because you have low prices. You don’t build brand because you have high prices. You build your brand based on EVERY activity that your company does: The product you sell, how your customer service rep answer the phone, the design of your brochures,

You don’t build a brand overnight. It takes time and takes lot of patience to nurture what you want “the customers to say about you when you’re not there”.

Promotional items and merchandise significantly increases your presence and brand visibility.

If you are in the business of building, establishing or maintaining a brand in the market place, you cannot ignore promotional items – it is a part of the marketing mix.

Promotional Products are about competing for visibility

Let’s face it – everybody’s doing it! Every competitor you face in the marketplace have aggressive Promotional Product program in place and if you don’t arm yourself with a great, up to date Promotional program, your brand will suffer.

You need to start thinking about your brand fighting as if fighting for retail space and that retail space is always being taken up by something or somebody else. The bottom line is – if you don’t take the retail space and build your brand – somebody else will.

promotiona products

Promotional items are a Price Competitive Alternative to costly marketing

When you are considering Cash Rewards and Gift Cards for promotional activities and sales campaigns, by including Promotional Merchandise, you will not only drive down cost and increase brand penetration, but you will be able to measure campaign performance based on the merchandise selected. If your campaign success can be traced back to the merchandise, there is your starting grid for measuring ROI!

Promotional Products should take 5 % of your Marketing Budget

A good rule of thumb among marketing executives is to dedicate 5% of your budget to Promotional Products. You will need to consider filling your stock levels so that you can support the Sales Force, the Trade Shows and HR, who can benefit from using promotional products as gifts in employee recognition programs.


Promotional items are one of the one of the most effective and proven ways to publicize your company. This super effective promotional strategy is a tried and tested way of promoting your business. If you are able to effectively use promotional printed items, you can easily boost your business sales harvest huge financial profits. Distributing attractive business and gift is a way of putting forth your company message in the hands of prospective clients, who are willing to place orders with your company. ]

Printed promotional items come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points. There are promotional pens, mugs, watches, costars, calendars, key rings, bags, wallets, cameras, bottles shirts, and many more. Your clients will surely find any or all of these items useful and may use them regularly in their day to day activities. You also have the grand option of distributing promotional items amongst all your business associates and your employees as a token of appreciation and gratitude.

When your clients use these promotional items in public they are actually serving as living, walking billboards that are seen by the million who didn’t get your promotional item. Let’s take the example of promotional pens. People need promotional pens for doing a number of things – like filling fill up forms, taking a phone number, jotting a memo, signing a cheque etc. Gifting promotional items like pens embossed with your corporate message to your clients will help you in building a strong bond with your clients. It’s always best to present your company’s message in a simple yet attractive format. This will make your printed business gifts more attractive and eye catching.

Promotional items can be easily personalised by embellishing it with you corporate business logo, slogan, an inspirational message, your company’s name, phone numbers, website URL, your business address, and any other valuable information that is deemed necessary. This will go a long way in helping you sell your products and services to your customers and will increase corporate volume. Most promotional are very pocket friendly and are a very useful tool for generating sales responses. Moreover, they are also available in a wide variety of attractive designs, colors and materials.

Now by logging onto www.highqualitypromo.com.au, you can browse through the largest online repository of promotional products. The promotional items displayed on our site are both qualitatively high and more cost effective, than the products offered by all other vendors in the market. Moreover, our experienced team of graphic designers and artists will help you in adding a special touch to all your products. For additional information, contact us.