There are many types of promotional gifts and ideas that a person, business or entity may choose to give away. The field is full of business gifts, customized pens, promotional pens and many other promotional products that are appropriate for the given cause. However, one of the keys to any item you might hand out is that it is noticeable and hopefully functional. Promotional pens can be both of these.

PR is extremely important for businesses, organizations and individuals, promotional products are what most use to get their message out. In some cases the item can be boring and mundane, but if you do it right the item will stand out. For instance, promotional pens are great to start with, but what if you add the printing so that it is 360 degree wrap around printing. People love these customized pens. You will see them twirling it in their fingers just to read what the whole message says.

Printed pens are a very common promotional gift that is given out by many different companies. Making yours stand out is the key to having people read the name of your company and then remembering it. What better way to remember someone than being given customized pens that has a cool 360 degree wrap around? Couple that with a good color selection and suddenly the right promotional pens will leave your competition in the dust.

Promotional pens are, for the most part, reliably inexpensive. They have a shelf life of months instead of days, much longer than some other promotional products. People like to get them regularly and in fact, some people like to collect printed pens and hold on to them as keepsakes for where they’ve been, companies they have visited or events they have gone to. The more unique you make your business gifts the more you are likely to be remembered. And being remembered is what it’s all about with PR and promotional products.

So take a look at promotional pens you have now. Are they a bit fun? Do they stand out? Is there something about these customized pens that will have people remembering you? Try the wrap around 360 printing on them. See if that gives your product a bit of an edge. The challenge might be fitting all the letters into a wrap around text but for the most part there are companies that will find a way to fit whatever you want around your printed pen.

Grab the edge and the attention. Think about your next promotional pens order and make it just a bit more exciting and creative with 360 degree wrap around printing to state your case. The PR you get from these can be more than worth the price you pay to get these promotional items into the right hands. People make the business go around, PR gets the people, and promotional pens will help you get the PR.

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