Promotional keyrings are one of the most thought-after promotional products. The reason for their popularity is none other than their affordability. Printed keyrings are one among the cheapest promotional items that can be distributed to a large number of people without offsetting the budget of the company. Furthermore, keyrings remain as a valuable piece of article for the customers because of their attractive designs and utility. Keyrings are the best universal gift item that can be selected without a second thought.

There are different types of promotional keyrings. There are many online stores that supply promotional items at affordable prices. Online stores are one of the leading online stores in UK that sell a large number of promotional items including keyrings. These items include the collection from various designers all over the world. Online the promotional products are offered at a highly competitive rate. The cost of keyrings varies anywhere from a fraction of a pound to three or four pounds. The price difference can be attributed to the difference in the make, quality, size, type of material used, etc.

Under the category of plastic keyrings you find a range of items under £ 1. Some of them are acrylic plastic while a few others are made of PVC. Ad loop rings offer the most convenient and impressive manner of imprinting the company logo, and they are stylish too. Leather keyrings are favorites for the corporates because they are neat and they are long-reflecting. They are designed as split-leather keyrings. The simple leather keyrings cost less whereas the leather keyrings that come with metal medallions cost more than one pound. The satin polished or the stainless steel medallion reveals the brand in an elegant manner.

Metal keyrings offer another improved keyrings . They are popular among the corporate giveaways because of their quality and longevity. There are made of different types of metals or alloys, the most popular being the stainless steel, chrome or nickel. Here you find the theme-based keyrings such as the one with the shape of a home, computer mouse, etc. The metallic rings are generally costlier than the plastic or leather keyrings because of their sophisticated metal finishing. For example, the Scorpio metal keyrings is made of brushed silver and it comes with stitched leather fob and laser engraving. It costs £ 2.66. Keychain lights are another category of popular promotional items. They offer variety in design and the technology. The Bulb keychain lights, Oval keychain lights, etc., are able to make your brand shine forever. Most of them cost more than £ 1. If you want to know more details about the keyrings or any other promotional gifts, please log on to online stores.

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