Choosing promotional products for kids are quite tricky, contrary to what many people think. While you want to market your business, you have to think of something that will be appealing to the kids and that will also eventually make parents appreciate your company more. Here are some ideas to help you do this challenging feat.

Toys are definitely on top of the list. It is an unfailing come-on for kids. And, if you choose the right type of toy, you can earn their parents’ approval and be among your patrons. For instance, some family restaurant chains give out coloring books with crayons to the dining toddlers. Some restaurants even create their own mascots around which they produce their merchandise for kids. Mascots and appealing symbols of your brand make your company more memorable to the children.

If you’re targeting the young, make sure the colors are attractive enough. If you’ll be creating your own characters to represent your company or, at least, the products or services that are aimed towards children, make them look approachable and harmless. One common mistake in making themes and characters for kids is using carnivals and clowns. Many kids are actually more scared than attracted to these things.

School supplies are also a great idea for promotional products for kids. Similar to toys, make them visually appealing so that the children would want to use them. If kids will use them in schools, their friends would see them and would want to get them, too. Parents would naturally welcome free school supplies. There are also a lot of school supplies on which you can easily print your brand – notebooks, pens, lunch bags, and backpacks, among others.

Clothing and fashion accessories are also attractive to kids. Shirts would be the easiest and most practical item that you can come up with. They’re used by both boys and girls, in the first place. Order them in fun colors and different sizes. If you have a special tagline, mascot, or licensed character to represent your products or services for children, this is one of the best premium items on which you can display it.

These promotional products are the most effective and practical items you can give to kids. Always remember to make it visually attractive by using colors, designs, and presentation so that the children will use them and will be your instant advertisers. Choosing practical and functional items will pull in positive reaction from their parents.

Source by Frances Roy

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