Keyrings are small tokens given to target clients or even the old ones as a way of encouraging them to try your brand or for them to continue their product patronage. Aside from that, Promotional Keyrings are among the most utilised items due to the following reasons:

  • Longer brand exposure. Small, humble items such as promo keyrings and pens are mostly belittled by companies that can afford to pay for a more lucrative method of promotions such as TV advertisements. Indeed the cost of a 15-second TV ad is tantamount to a few hundred worth of Promotional Keyrings but while TV ads are forgotten after a short while, promo keyrings remain with your clients to remind them of your brand’s availability in the market. If you will compute the total number of times a client sees your promo keyrings compared to the number of times he sees a television ad, if he even has time to watch television at home, it is easy to determine what method gains more brand exposure.
  • A practical item. Keyrings are functional in every way. They are not just used for holding keys. They can also be used as bottle and can openers, emergency torches, letter openers, and many other uses depending on your choice of promo keyring design. Promotional items are far more appreciated by clients because they can actually make use of these free items compared to tri media adverts. They can use Promotional Keyrings for keeping important keys while serving as a constant reminder of your brand. When it comes to print advertisements, what use can your clients have with them?
  • Money saver. One of the things that will keep you closer to your target clients is when you give them something that will spare them from spending their money. Everyone who has a door to open or a property to secure needs a key holder. If you would give such an important item to your clients, you would help them save a few bucks and it would make them appreciate your tiny act of thoughtfulness and will remember your brand every time they reach out to open their door.
  • Elicit brand recall. To ensure that your clients will remember your brand, keep your Promotional Keyrings presentable and functional with your brand name carefully etched on it. There are several available designs of promo keyrings, and it’s up to you how you can make a simple item a promotional treasure.

Source by Matthew Zande

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