Direct to product rotary digital printing involves the transfer of UV ink directly from inkjet print heads and can be used to produce both spot colour and full-colour branding.
  • Ideal for large or complex multi-colour or full-colour prints.
  • The print is dry and ready to ship as soon as the product is printed.
  • Only one setup charge is required irrespective of the number of print colours.
  • Any product colour can be printed with no loss of colour vibrancy.
  • Production speed is limited so lead times can be longer in some cases.
  • PMS colours are only approximate.
  • Some colours cannot be reproduced including metallic silver and gold.
  • The print cannot be joined so there will be a small space between where the print starts and ends.
  • Rotary digital is more expensive than conventional branding.
Artwork Requirements
  • Artwork can be supplied in either vector or bitmap format.