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How to supply your artwork?

Vectorised Artwork (.eps or .ai)
Artwork created in Adobe Illustrator and exported as a AI or EPS file formats will be in what is called ”vector” format. Vector graphics are created based on mathematical equations. It is this fact that makes them able to be scaled up to the size of football field or down to the size of a pinhead without losing image quality.

It is the complexity of the information provided by this file format that allows printers and embroiders to deliver the highest quality outcomes for you promotional products.

To avoid any artwork charges we strongly recommend providing your artwork as an EPS or AI format.

JPEG Files (.jpeg)
While JPEG files can be used in some circumstances. In most cases if artwork is supplied as a JPEG it will need to be converted into a vector graphic which could mean a few hours of work for our graphic designer. We are more than happy to convert your images as we have an onsite graphic designer.

PDF Files (.pdf)
PDF files are considered to be the industry standard for offset and digital printing. However, due to the different techniques used to print and embroider promotional products we would need to convert this artwork similar to the above information about a JPEG.

We welcome any guidelines and information that you could provide to us about the use of your companies logo. Please advise your account manager of any special fonts, Colour Swatches (RGB or Pantone) and dimension specifications about your logo.

What is the turn-around time on orders?

Unbranded in-stock items
Unbranded in-stock items are dispatched the next working day and take 2-3 working days via our courier service Australia wide.

Custom branded in-stock Items
Custom branded in-stock items take 5 working days to print and 2-3 days shipping and handling via our courier service Australia wide.

World Source custom branded always in-stock items
Our custom branded World Source items ship from our United States warehouse and can take 15-20 days to print and deliver. The printing lead time will be stipulated in the product description.

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